Return On Investment(ROI)Again, by being able to offer the client with real world first-hand experience on the true nature of ‘Return on Investment’, we at ‘The School of Wash’ will assist and inform the client with accurate and truthful projections for their car wash investment.

Many factors contribute to a true yearly net… i.e. property values, lease vs. own, financing and other considerations specific to the individual client. By analyzing the ‘big picture’ specific to the individual, we are able to provide accurate numbers based on mathematics and experience not hype and wishful thinking.
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The School of Wash is located in the South Bay Region of Sunny Southern California. We have established the finest team of professionals to help train you and your staff in all aspects of the car wash business. By providing you with actual working and operating car wash facilities from which to learn, you will get a first-hand learning experience that will teach you the pros AND the cons of a real situation car wash establishment.

We have several different facilities that are at our disposal (and yours) for thorough and complete training. You will also be able to have meetings complete with question and answer sessions with LEED certified architects, designers, and market and IT experts so as to give you the most comprehensive advice and consulting available in today’s industry. We also have several on-site technicians that will assist in proper equipment layout and implementation as well as financing professionals on call to assist you should you have any needs in that area.

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